Real Estate Law

A wide range of legal issues related to the acquisition,
use, ownership, and transfer of real property

Real Estate Transactions:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements: Contracts that outline the terms and conditions of a real estate transaction, including the sale price, contingencies, and the closing date.
  • Title Searches and Title Insurance: Processes to ensure the property’s title is clear of any encumbrances or disputes, and insurance to protect against unexpected title issues.

  • Closing Process: The final step in a real estate transaction where ownership is transferred, and all necessary documents are signed and funds are exchanged.

Real Estate Finance:

  • Mortgages and Loans: Legal agreements that provide financing for the purchase of real estate, typically secured by the property itself.

  • Foreclosure: The legal process through which a lender can take possession of a property when the borrower defaults on the mortgage.

  • Boundary Disputes: Conflicts over property lines or encroachments onto neighboring properties.

  • Quiet Title Actions: Lawsuits to determine and establish clear ownership of a property, often necessary when multiple parties claim ownership.

Real Estate Disputes:

  • Permitting and Approvals: The process of obtaining government approvals and permits for real estate development projects.
  • Construction Contracts: Legal agreements between developers and contractors outlining the terms of construction projects.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: Studies conducted to assess the environmental effects of proposed real estate developments.
  • Environmental Liabilities: Legal obligations and potential liabilities related to contamination or pollution of a property.
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